If you want to take your consultations to a new level, use a professional skin analysis machine to give your clients an improved experience.

Diagnosis First Before Prescription

What’s true for the medical field is also true in the aesthetics and beauty industry. Indeed, our client relationship is more vital to enter each client session with no preconceived notions about what therapies they require.

Since many customers hear about us through word of mouth, it stands to reason that if we consistently provide the same advice after each meeting, our clients will begin to believe that they are receiving the same treatment.

An inept analysis directs you towards negative or indifferent evaluations in the era of social media, so a major benefit of a skin scanner is it provides your clients with individualised treatment and creates an in-depth report of their skin health.

Examine the Valuable Information

Your customer is already aware of their skin problem spots since they examine it regularly. What information can a skin analyser give your client that’s valuable?

Before using the scanner technology, find out what you need to know via conversation, a verbal analysis or a questionnaire. With this information and your instincts, you can determine what your client dislikes regarding their skin.

As beauty therapists, you’re not just treating skin problems but helping clients feel better within themselves by improving their areas of concern.

Consultation Before Product Selling

A skin scanner’s power is seeing skin damage from the past, future and now. A beauty therapist’s power is in putting the consultation before selling the product.

There will undoubtedly be various home treatment options that clients may use to improve their look rapidly, and here is where you can provide value and develop trust. As a therapist, you desire wellness rather than merely payment.

You will profit financially through referrals and loyalty by winning your client’s confidence via honest and open communication and services.

A big reason to invest in skin analysers is not only that they function effectively but they provide your client’s with tons of value. Having your clients in the diagnostic system and assisting them in understanding their needs and wants is a smart way to include skin scanners in your beauty therapy.

Ask the Beauty Technology team about we can make the professional skin scanner machine work for your business.