Press demonstration events were held at Home House in London on January 17-19 to celebrate the launch of Byonik in the UK.

Aesthetic practitioner from Riverbanks Wellness clinic, Dr Ravi Jain, led the demonstration events, along with Philip Wilmann, managing director of Byonik distributor, Beauty Technology Australia. At the event, they explained that the new Byonik laser is a skin rejuvenation machine that uses the body’s pulse as a guide, to adapt its frequency during treatment and release energy into the skin with every heartbeat. According to the manufacturers, the laser is the first skin rejuvenation system to incorporate this pulse trigger technology and results can be seen after the first treatment.

The treatment method involves massaging hyaluronic acid gel and antioxidants onto the skin’s surface and using the laser’s red and nearinfrared light to help this penetrate into the skin cells. The method aims to stimulate cell processes, improving skin elasticity, moisture and volume.

Following the event, Dr Jain said, “The event was a great success. It was great to introduce this new treatment to the press and to launch this new technology within my clinic. In effect, what is unique about Byonik, is that it uses low-level lasers which do not injure the skin, but instead synchronise with the body’s pulse to maximise absorption of the pure hyaluronic acid used in the treatment. This is great for patients with needle phobias and also those who do want to undergo aesthetic treatments that require any down time. It also works really well with injectables in terms of instant healing, allowing patients to head straight back to work just 30 minutes after being treated.”

The Byonik laser will be exclusively available at River Wellness for the following six months, after which it will become available to other medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK.