BYONIK® – Pulse Triggered Laser
The first ever skin rejuvenation system that is guided by your pulse and results can be seen after just one treatment.

The BYONIK® – Pulse Triggered Laser, developed by beauty lumis GmbH in cooperation with scientists at Germany’s university of Ulm, has forged a new path in anti-ageing between professional cosmetology and medicine.

Guided by your pulse, this laser facial machine allows non-invasive, pain free non-surgical lifting with the aim of visibly reducing signs of skin ageing as well as treating skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and healing scar tissue.

It’s Designed to improve:
• Dry Skin
• Scars
• Fine Lines
• Dematitis
• Rosacea
• Psoriasis
• Large Pores
• Melasma
• Dehydration
• Cystic Acne
As we age the cell processes which are responsible for keeping our skin looking young start to slow down and our skin can no longer hide the effects of the passing of years, stress and environmental damage.

Telomeres form the ends of our chromosomes – they become frayed once we get older. Every time a cell divides the telomeres become shorter and shorter until they are gone.

Most cells can replicate approximately 50 times before the telomeres become too short. At this point the cell simply ages and is no longer able to replicate. Some researchers believe that telomeres are the “secret to longevity”.

The BYONIK®treatment protects the telomeres, slows down the aging process and is therefore considered to be “true antiaging”.

How it works:

The BYONIK® – Pulse Triggered Laser is the world’s only system that repairs skin at a cellular level and locks in hydration at the same time. By stimulating cell processes and introducing special hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin, elastin can move more freely, elasticity improves, the skin receives intensive moisture, gains volume and contours become more defined.

It adapts its frequency to your pulse during the entire treatment. With every beat of the heart, it releases its energy into the skin. This allows the

antioxidents in the hyaluronic acid gel to enter directly into the skin cells. The combined release of red and nearinfrared light ensures that the energy is transferred to all layers of the skin simultaneously. Dr Ravi Jain of Riverbanks Wellness clinic who recently brought the concept over from Australia and has launched Byonik in the UK at his Riverbanks Wellness Clinic in Harpenden says:

“One of the many benefits from teaching aesthetics globally, is that I come across new techniques and treatments which I’ve not seen in the UK. When I saw Byonik in Sydney, I was immediately taken by its non-traumatic approach to skin rejuvenation. Usually, medical aesthetic treatments involve some sort of skin damage, no matter how controlled it may be, to stimulate skin rejuvenation such as microneedling, fractional lasers and skin peels. Byonik is completely atraumatic and uses low-level lasers which do not injure the skin, but instead synchronise with the body’s pulse to maximise absorption of the pure hyaluronic acid used in the treatment.

Our patients are so excited by the treatment and by their results. Downtime is no longer necessary for skin rejuvenation.”

What happens during the treatment:

We prepare the skin by double cleansing with BYONIK® Treatment Cleansing Gel and applying an enzyme peal between each cleanse to ensure the skin is as clean and free of debris as possible. A second round of cleansing ensures that the skin is completely free of oils as oils hinder the
penetration of HA into the skin.

There are three sets of laser application, each lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. Before each session our unique Hyaluronic acid formulation isapplied and massaged deeply into the skin. BYONIK® Hyaluronic is short chained. Due to the short HA chain length and biological production, theHA molecule can be absorbed by the skin and reach basel cell level.

BYONIK® Hyaluronic acid is dehydrated. If the gel comes into contact with water on the surface of the skin, the gel will absorb this moisture, limiting the effectiveness of the treatment. For the last element of the treatment, we generously apply BYONIK® SEAL – a gel that contains a maximum amount of ceramides, immediately restoring the lipid bilayer, rehydrating the skin and protecting from environmental stresses.

Price of the treatment starts from 1 treatment at £250 to a course of 8 at £1,200.

Press demonstration events were held at Home House in London on January 17-19 to celebrate the launch of Byonik in the UK.

The laser will be exclusively available at Riverbanks Wellness clinic for the following six months, after which it will become available to other medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK.

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