If you’re considering adding a skin scanner to your business, you can take advantage of its many benefits, especially with the rise of aesthetic specialists over the past few years.

With the increased business growth, despite the global pandemic, there’s increased pressure on existing services. Those who have long been in the cosmetic services industry have fresh and new competition.

Fortunately, there is a demand for aesthetic services, with industry reports projecting eight billion dollars in growth for the following five years. The revenue projection is optimistic for an industry primarily made up of small businesses that fail within the first 1-3 years.

The latest industry report shares what factors make the beauty industry successful; it relies on:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Loyal client base
  • Repeat visits
  • Gaining new clients

For further success, services need the following attributes:

  • Value-added
  • High-quality
  • Premium-priced
  • Differentiated services


How to Build Loyalty, Value & Quality Services for Client Retention

In marketing, value is directly related to service and product cost and how well it matches client expectations. They will consider it good value if it exceeds a customer’s expectations. But to achieve this, you need an understanding of clients’ expectations and emotional desires.

Consumers who’ve been with you the longest tend to bring in more revenue by referring other customers. They aren’t always motivated by cost, but they appreciate receiving quality service from a provider interested in meeting their unique requirements.

In the beauty industry, adding value with a professional skin analysis machineis an instant boost to clients’ regard for your business treatments and services. Such a comprehensive system enables:

  • Consistent, high-quality images
  • Provide insight into a customer’s skin
  • Help with a diagnosis of skin conditions
  • Monitor & track progress.

A big reason to invest in skin analyser technology is the ability for an accurate diagnosis.


Skin Consultation Processes

When undergoing the initial stages of skin consultation, the process includes:

  • Patient history
  • Diet & lifestyle assessment
  • Skin scan

One of its best features is it only takes minutes to generate results. Once the scan is complete, the practitioner can create a treatment program specific to the client’s skin issues, which improves the quality of consultations.

A measurable skin analyser employs algorithms where your patient’s results and an extensive skin database can be compared. It allows practitioners to establish a deeper understanding of skin weaknesses and strengths.

This technology facilitates engagement with customers and aids in patient education. Providing clients with information about their skin concerns enables them to care for their skin easily.


Advanced Skin Scanners for Facial Analysis

For practitioners using advanced skin scanners, a great advantage is the ability to use the in-built catalogue for programming their skincare products.

One of the great benefits is the personalised printout full of informative information, recommendations for treatment and the scan results. It’s the perfect upselling tool because it is specific to your patient’s skin concerns.

Practitioners find this tool motivational because it supports recommendations and advice. The visualisation of a patient’s skin and how it is tracking inspires them to keep getting the treatment they need. Your patient’s cosmetic desires will be expressed better through such comprehensive imaging.


Help your Customers Feel Beautiful With Advanced Skin Care

If you’re considering getting an analysis machine for skin for your practice, you must consider what parameters you want to assess. An example is, do you want to assess sub-epidermal and epidermal factors? If yes, you will likely want a MoreMe Gen II Skin Analyser system with UV and polarised photography abilities.

Such a machine is known for its reliability and contains visual tools, including:

  • Age simulation options
  • Grid layout
  • Comparisons
  • Positioning tools
  • Cloud-enable database


Smart Solutions for Skin Care

In the highly competitive landscape of beauty, individual operators must choose to enhance customers’ experience with value-added services.

Adding a MoreMe Gen II Skin Analyser system to your practice allows you to customise treatment for each client and track their progress for the best results. Going the journey with your client through their skin care treatment where there’s visual evidence creates a happy and motivated client base.

If this sounds like something to benefit your business, Ask our team how we can help transform your business with MoreMe technologies.