Offer the skin analysis solution

More stable, more clear,  to detect skin concerns and help identify treatment requirements. It is the new frontier for a full-face skin scan that highlights skin tone and texture changes.

Professional Skin Scanner Machine

The MoreMe Skin Analyser is a diagnostic imaging device providing a visual analysis of client skin layers, conditions, structure and patterns regardless of skin type. This diagnostic tool uses 11 observation modes to enable clinicians to see underlying skin health of the skin for a precise skin analysis, diagnosis for treatment, and superior consultation. The skin scanner not only provides clinicians with a user-friendly iPad App, but also cloud access via a Backstage Management System (BMS). This enables backend reporting with a network connection and unlimited cloud storage. MoreMe uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality, where symptom images for issues such as uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and sun damage will be accessible and stored for the lifetime of the customer.

Professional Skin Analysis Made Easy

The benefits of this skin scan tool to a skincare business owner include:

Skin Scanner Observations
  • Increase treatment bookings and product sales
  • Maximize client retention with visual displays of treatment progress
  • Stand out from competitors with superior follow-ups and evaluation
  • Support your treatment advice with credible product recommendations
  • Improve client communication and conversion
  • Greater clinical accuracy and results you can show your client
  • Easily track results
  • Early detection of skin damage and conditions
  • Identify risk factors for skin issues
  • Reveal your true skin age
  • Easy-to-use and accurate diagnostic imaging technology
  • Cloud-enabled database of skin images with unlimited storage

Proper Skin Analysis for Correct Treatments

By using a skin analysis methodology, you can magnify and differentiate between poor skin health, including skin sensitivities, fine lines and wrinkles, number of enlarged pores, pigmentation, dark spots and healthy skin. This accuracy is possible using intelligent AI analysis through facial imaging.

Using the MoreMe Skin Scanner for skin analysis enables proper methodologies for:

– Differentiating between genetics, lifestyle & environment

– Nutritionist & doctor referrals

– Measures for treatment assessment & options

– Home-care possibilities.

Get on Top of Sun Damage to Your Skin Sooner

With Australia’s harsh sun and UV rays, many men and women find exposure can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, and other skin issues. While sunscreen is used as a skin barrier from the sun, damage still occurs, and full-face scan skin analysis can help identify these issues sooner.

By monitoring your client’s skincare concerns, they will develop trust in your ability to treat or refer them as needed and catch any issues early.


We provide salons with marketing tools to engage your clients:

  • Marketing brochures for the clinic
  • Marketing videos
  • Patient brochures
  • Coverage in top magazines


We are fully transparent and readily available to supply you with information about the device:

  • No service contract needed
  • Phone support line
  • No need for hardware changes or replacements


We safeguard your purchase option with a good warranty:

  • Two year warranty

Clinical Training

Providing support to our clients so clinicians know how to best use this diagnostic tool safely and accurately:

  • Comprehensive Advanced Skin Consultation training conducted via online video link with our dermal scientist for you and your staff following with an online live FAQ session to make sure everyone is trained to perfection.
  • We take great pride in supporting our clinics with our device and make sure that everyone is trained to perfection
To help your customers feel truly beautiful
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