Like an individualised massage to boost the metabolism, support weight loss and

The Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit is detoxifying, regenerative and may burn up to 400 calories in 24 hours*.

The Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit is an individualised pressure massage treatment that uses science to its advantage. Created in Germany, the Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit works on the simple premise that oxygen is very good for our bodies, and the more we have of it, the better we feel and the better our metabolism will perform to effectively transform fat into water and what we exhale, carbon dioxide.

A Fat Cavitation Machine Designed to Body Sculpt, Contour and Reduce Cellulite

Created in Germany, this contouring machine works on the simple premise that oxygen is perfect for our bodies. The more we have of it, the better we feel, and our metabolism will perform in an improved way. Further, it effectively transforms fat into water and what we exhale, carbon dioxide.

For many, our modern lifestyle means our oxygen levels are low, from sitting down too much, not exercising enough or breathing shallowly. With less time spent looking after oneself, oxygen-rich therapy can give you a tailored approach to sculpting and breaking down existing fat.

By undergoing this form of treatment, we’re introducing oxygen-rich ambient air into body tissue, which stimulates it in a manner similar to exercise. With this format, your whole self, gains a multitude of other benefits, including:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Firming and controlling of the silhouette
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Water retention reduction
  • May burn up to 400 calories within 24 hours of treatment due to an activated metabolism after increased oxygen flow*
  • To promote recovery after high intensity training, reducing fatigue
  • Relaxation and feeling energised given the Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit feels like a massage
  • The removal of lactic acid, similar to a sports massage
  • Equivalent to 5km jogging

A Holistic Approach to Improving Your Whole Self

Cellulite is a common issue many of us face, and our attempts to overcome it can be difficult. Taking a holistic approach in conjunction with this cellulite reduction machine, is one way to reach your customer’s goals.

The Beauty Technology team recommends using the contour gel, which has a warming effect or the silhouette refiner gel, which has a cooling effect. These light gel uses active ingredients to moisturise and contour your skin.

Get Results With The Air Bodystyler Suit

We recommend using premium gel products with the sculpting and contouring machine. When you use the right combination of product and procedure, you can gain a range of improvements, including:






To help your customers feel truly beautiful
using our favourite technology

If you’re the owner of a skin clinic, cosmetic clinic, beauty salon or wellness centre, learn more from our information booklet. It will help you thoroughly understand the benefits of the Slimyonik Air Bodystyler suit for your business.